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The Barrayar Forum

Below are the 11 most recent journal entries.


  2009.03.01  21.37
Unshelved BookClub

http://www.unshelved.com/archive.aspx?strip=20060528 Hopefully it'll load for you. Didn't load over the weekend.


  2008.09.25  09.41

I'm trying to find/remember a quote, from one of the Vorkosigan men (I think.. I was sure originally that it was Aral... but then couldn't find it and.. could be miles. or Mark..). it went something like

surely all honour is in your eyes

ring any belltowers?
thanks for any help!


  2008.04.09  08.28

I need Cordelia Vorkosigan's quote about children creating a causal chain that will last to the end of time. I think it's from the end of Shards of Honor or the beginning of Barrayar.


Mood: rushed

  2006.12.03  21.27
Breathing a little life into the community again....

At the risk of committing heresy while doing so, can anyone recommend a good source for fanfiction in the Vorkosigan universe?


  2006.07.28  10.37
New Vorkosigan novel coming.

Baen announcement. Of course, "breath-holding is contra-indicated."

I don't think http://www.dendarii.com, as a whole site, has been listed here, yet.

Mood: chipper

  2005.06.28  14.39

I like Bujold (duh), Mary Stewart, Robin Hobb, A. E. Van Vogt, Roger Zelazny, books on forensic pathology, archeology, anthropology, and the bubonic plaque.

I do not like gratuitous sex scenes, not because I object to sex but because they so often feel tacky and exhibitionist.

What should I read on the train?


  2005.04.20  11.20
Thank you for reminding me...

What is the name of the short story describing Miles & Ekaterine's wedding, and where can I find it?

Mood: curious

  2005.04.20  10.18

A mite slow, innit.......?


  2004.09.05  10.18
Oh, _wow_

I just finished reading _Winterfair Gifts_ for the first time. I have nothing to say but "Oh, _wow_."

*wipes away happy tears*

Mood: happy

  2004.08.08  13.27

Money, power, sex, ... and elephants...

Mood: amused

  2004.07.20  10.42
Yes, but what's it all Vor?

Vorkosigan?  Vorbarra?  Vorpatril?  Maybe a Cetagandan ghem-lord?  Or maybe you just like Lois McMaster Bujold.  Here's the place to be.